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The ‘IAB full page flex ads plugin’ for Revive Ad server display full-screen ads This ad format takes full advantage of the entire available screen. The ad format provided by this plugin has both the foreground creative section and a background creative section.

 The mobile device mentioned here is either a smart phone or a tablet. The ad unit can be contained in a web browser or an application native to a device. Base ad component may launch Full page ad component with tap or gesture action (e.g. swipe). The Full page ad component is auto launched by the ad container. These ads do not have a base ad component. Users have a clear knowledge that the ad is being launched from the entry point.

IAB full page flex ad

The IAB Ad sizes used to define two sections: a Creative foreground and a Creative background.

  • 320X320 and 480X480

  • 480X480 and 800X800

  • 600X600 and 1024X1024

  • 768X768 and 1280X1280

The Creative Foreground will always be fully visible and should therefore contain core ad message and functions.

The Creative Background will occupy the space between the Creative foreground and the ad container, if any. In all ads on rectangular devices, a portion of the Creative Background will not be visible. This will vary based on the size and orientation of the device.

The foreground creative section contains ad banners and the background creative section is placed between creative foreground and the ad container. The foreground section will be displayed in all mobiles but, background section will get displayed only when the mobile screen matches its size.


  • The plugin can deliver ads to smart phones and tablets

  • The destination URL will be linked with the ads

  • In the event of a click the advertiser site will get displayed

  • The plugin supports all image formats including SWF files which conform with the IAB guidelines

  • The plugin provides ad tags and close button for the ads

  • The close button can be accessed by swiping the ad in X or Y directions


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