Interstitial video ads plugin    
Product Information

Video ads that fill up the entire screen of the device in between the main viewing content are known as interstitial ads. The plugin enables you to display engaging creatives while using an app, in between video content and during gaming sessions.

Interstitial video ads plugin can display video creatives in between the use of mobile applications, mobile web sessions and during individual web sessions. The transition from main content to the creative will be natural, the interstitial creatives displayed by the plugin will allow the user to click on creative and continue to the respective page or the user can close the creative at will.   

The plugin supports video formats such as in-line video ads, mp4 video ads and will be upgraded for the formats that surface in the future. The plugin delivers engaging video ads across various platforms; it can amplify revenue for both the publisher and advertiser.


Interstitial video ad plugin

Plugin Highlights

  The plugin allows a maximum 30 seconds duration for the video ads.

  Supports VAST in-line, and media MIME type video formats

  Video tracking pixels support from start to end of the video

  Ad close button on the right corner

  Tracking pixel and destination URL can also be tracked


Plugin benefits

  Responsive ad delivery on different devices

  Ads are designed to match the user device screen and functionality

  Increased click-through ratio

  Conversions, impression and clicks of the delivered ad can be tracked. 

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