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The ‘IAB 360° ads Plugin’ for Revive Ad server help deliver 360° ad formats on mobile and display devices. IAB 360° ads nothing but image/video creative based on HTML5 Technology.

IAB 360 degree ads plugin

360° view of an image or video can be initiated by the action click + drag based on user interaction.

In the running decade advertising is evolving in such a rapid pace, from being simple one liner text ads to the innovative ad interfaces of tomorrow; marketers need to update and adapt to the changing media driven market.

 When it comes to 360° advertising, it doesn’t always have to be the conventional virtual reality (VR) image i.e. images shot with a 360° special camera. It can also be a compilation of standard images. The only catch here is that it should be places in a cylindrical view on the digital space and looped; giving the viewer the experience of a 360° viewing.

360° ads interaction:

  • Mouse or finger drag of image to view in 360°

  • Device movement left, right, up or down to view in 360° with device motion detection set at 20 degrees or greater

  • Click to enlarge view including vertical to horizontal change of view

  • Click to view in VR mode

  • In-view CTR (Click Through Rate)

360° Ad functionalities:

  • Proprietary universal 360° “magic window” and VR viewing (browsers, applications and platforms).

  • Image and video 360° ad format interactivity for Device, mouse and touch in 360°

  • One-touch, expandable full page viewing with both vertical and horizontal options.

  • One-touch VR mode with full, in-VR viewing and interactive capability.


  • Provides a ‘Super rich media’ type of ad delivery

  • Even standard images can be delivered in a 360° experience

  • Able to switch easily in one touch between standard and VR mode

  • Increase in ad engagement by the viewer

  • Viewers spend nine times longer on average exploring the virtual content compared to the traditional display ads

  • With the 360° VR space using video and images, the possibilities are pretty much limitless.

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