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Highly engaging, best quality mobile ads delivery is guaranteed. Mobile ads plugin for revive adserver with enhanced features to take mobile advertising to the next level. Easy to install and integrate plugin that plays an imperative part in delivering cross-platform creatives.

mobile ads

Plugin Highlights and requirements

Designed with futuristic ideas the plugin provides options to handle the ever-increasing popularity of mobile campaigns.

Designed with future in mind the plugin is capable of supporting all the revive ad formats and also provide exceptional aid to MRAID formats such as expand, revel and interstitial. The specialty of the plugin is delivering creatives without causing any hindrance to the device user.

  • Deliver banner ads with a group of sizes depending on the devices.  

  • MRAID ad format support; include interstitial, revel and expand.

  • Access to admin to change multiple banner sizes based on different groups.

  • Enhanced device type targeting- mobile, PCs, Laptop and tablets included.

  • Use of device parameters to deliver the right ad to the right audience.

  • Simple and easy to access UI to configure ad display.

The Plugin requirements are simple; if you are looking for the efficient performance of the plugin then Revive adserver installation is mandatory. The plugin is engineered to support the latest version of revive adserver and is also designed with future adserver updates in mind. Tera-WURFL is another mandatory requirement as it plays an essential part in device detection purpose. 

Advance targeting feature

Advertisers are provided with advance options to deliver the right ad campaign to the right audience to get the most out of any campaign. Engineered with this in mind, the plugin is enabled with advance targeting features such as mobile device type, brand, OS used and custom targeting options based on gender, age, location, etc 


Device Tracking and reporting feature

Best in class tracking and reporting feature is available. This enables the involved parties to make adjustments to their campaigns according to the real-time reports obtained. Exceptional tracking and real-time report are one of the best parts of the plugin. The reporting features include reports about the type of the device used, device model, brand and operating system.


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