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“Advertise mp3 banners and reach your customers faster”

Mp3 is an audio format file which is commonly used for storing songs, ring tones and other audio files. The mp3 occupies very less storage space and enables digital transmission and storage capacity. The mp3 formatted files with reach the end user’s easily and benefit them in many ways. The mp3 banner ads plugin for revive ad server is used to deliver mp3 banners in publisher’s website.

By default, the mp3 banners are restricted in revive or openx ad server but with the help of this tool the advertisers can make use of those for advertisements. The mp3 banners will attract the customers very easily and conveys the ads effectively. The advertiser can release their banners in audio format by providing the description about the product. The plugin will support all versions of openx or revive ad server and works faster like normal ads.

Benefits of this plugin

  • The mp3 format will reach audience faster and supports all publishers’ website.
  • The mp3 banner is the best way to reach customers, it allows the advertiser to describe the advertised product and help them to provide more information about the banners.  

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