All banners invocation code (only active bannners) with custom css.    
Product Information

The all banner invocation code (only active banners) with custom css plugin for revive ad server is used to display the active ads in the Publisher website to attract new advertisers. The mod provides an invocation code that will list all advertisers’ active banners.

Using the special invocation code, can able to display the banners from the list of advertisers in the publisher’s website and through which the advertisers can understand he competitor details and pay the Publisher to deliver his ads. The code will list only the existing banners and remove all the deactivated or expired banners.

This module will display the ads with the custom CSS option to provide option for the publisher on the Tag generation section aligns the delivery design relating to his based site design. This plug-in will support all local banners or web server banners, SWF banners, and URL banners.


  • The document provided along with the plug-in will give complete information about the Module.

  • The plugin has a special innovation code which will list all advertisers’ active banners.

  • Attract more advertisers with the help of this Module.

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