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Publishing the ads in a relevant website will increase the revenue of both advertisers and publisher and also enhance the website traffic rate. Those benefits can be achieved with the help of content optimization plugin for revive ad server. This mod will deliver the ads to the well optimized website which has matching content to the ads. Thus, by publishing the banners in a relevant website the number of clicks and impression will get increased. The mod will deliver the ads to the website only if the Meta description, keywords, anchors tags, bold or italic content matches with the ads.

The website content and keywords are matched perfectly before the ad delivery so that the banners will not be delivered to any irrelevant site.    

Features of this plugin  

  • The admin can add relevant content or keyword to the list of targeted content or keyword.
  • The advertiser can able to select their desired keyword or content for the banners.
  • The advertiser can able to target with multiple keywords or content by assigning it to the banner.
  • The keyword comparison is done by matching it with the title, Meta description, tags and other content of the website.

Benefits of this plugin

  • The plugin will deliver the ads only to the matching websites so that it will reach the right audience.
  • The plugin will help to increase the revenue of both advertiser and publisher. 

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