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Profile targeting for advertisers, for Revive Adserver enable the advertisers to accurately target their potential audience in a more effective manner.

Targeting parameters
The advertiser can decide who their audience are with particular attributes or traits; that has the maximum probability to become their potential customers. They can select the profile criteria to target from the banner properties option.
Below are the parameters that can be customized for targeting

 Profile targeting for advertiser plugin for Revive Ad server








The publisher usually preset the attribute range. For Example, if the Publisher has a Website where he collects the user data on Sign Up, he can use those users’ profile data to target the profile based ads in his Website.
When the User is logged in, the publisher can send those details through an invocation tag and the Adserver will provide the appropriate ads targeting their profile. So the first party data plays a pivotal role in the targeting.

•    Advertisers can make sure, only selective audience can view their ad.
•    Avoid wastage of impressions to irrelevant audience.
•    Better Return On Investment for advertisers
•    Publishers generate higher revenue as well.


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