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Product Information

The exit traffic plugin for revive ad server will display the ad page in publisher’s site when the customer hits the back button in the web browser. Normally the customer visits the website by surfing in Google or Yahoo or msn and when a customer visits the publisher’s site he will read the needed content and go back to the previous search result. But by installing this plugin the back button will get disabled in the customer’s browser and it makes them to stay on the publisher’s site. 

Thus, displaying the ad page when the user hits the back button will increase the revenue to the publisher, and it increases the number of impressions made by the visitor. To access the usage of this plugin, the publisher has to paste the snippet code in their website.

Benefits of this plugin

  • The plugin will be very beneficial to the advertiser and publisher because every visitor will notices the published advertisement in the site.
  • The plugin can be installed easily by pasting the generated snippet code in publisher’s site.

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