Recover Deleted Advertiser with Statistics    
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Admin of revive ad server manages the account of both advertiser and publisher; he has the rights to add, delete or modify the existing users in the network. But if admin unknowingly removes a particular advertiser from the list then all the details of particular advertiser will be removed from the network and the admin cannot revert it back again. This problem can be avoided by installing recover deleted advertiser with statistics plugin for revive ad server.

Because the plugin has data recovery option which will retrieve the deleted advertiser and his related banners again. The tool can recover all ad banners with limitations, campaigns with trackers, zones and publishers associated with the advertiser. To perform restoration in the account the admin has to select restore option provided by the plugin.

Benefits of this plugin

  • Faster data restoration process is provided to the admin to retrieve advertiser and his storage information back.
  • The admin can retrieve any of his deleted advertisers easily with the help of this plugin.
  • Simple and easy to use 

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