Country Targeting and Reporting    
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The Country targeting Module accomplishes the service of integrating the Country/continent centric Database. Once the database is integrated, the advertisers can find the option to choose targeting country option in the banner delivery section.

Based on the selected country, the relevant ads will be delivered in the website. The plugin generates detail statistical reports of country based targeting with the status of advertisements delivered to the audience.

Note: The preferred database for the plugin is Maxmind Database for country.


  • The plugin will deliver the ads only to the customers present in targeted country or continent.
  • The plugin will generate the statistical reports for the delivered advertisements.
  • The advertiser can earn more revenue from the targeted regions and can enhance their business.
  • The reports will be available to all user roles.
  • The advertiser can study the performance of his campaign and monitor the demand or interest of their company products in different countries.

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