AMP [Accelerated mobile pages] ad tags help in delivering highly engaging, malware-free, and faster-loading ads on mobile device web pages. The industry is leaning towards AMP ad tags for faster creative delivery, and it is time to get listed as an AMP vendor if you are willing to strengthen your business. For an advertising vendor, it has become mandatory to provide AMP tags because of the mobile device.

Getting listed as an AMP vendor is becoming a common practice now and it has numerous benefits. We offer support service for you to become an AMP vendor from scratch till getting listed in the AMP as a vendor.


AMP tags for Mobile web pages


Generally, an AMP tag will decrease the loading for a creative in a mobile browser. Creatives that are taking time to load have the chances of not gaining a single impression.  This will cause a considerable loss for both the advertiser and publisher. Ad networks have started to become the vendor of   AMP tags, tags created by the vendors will have their ad network name along with the AMP tags. They can create and use the tag for third part exchanges or for header bidding. By this way, they can make all the creatives to load faster on the mobile web page. 


For Revive Adserver users there is an additional module available which can be integrated with Revive Adserver for faster ad delivery in mobile web pages. AMP ad tag plugin  


AMP Vendor support

AMP Vendor- How to become one?


Using AMP tags for every individual creative has become a tedious process and you can create AMP tags for a particular type of creative. Therefore AMP vendors have an upper hand in the evolving market, that too with the support of experts it is easier to get listed as an AMP vendor, thereby enhancing your revenue graph. When creatives are loaded in a quickly then impressions and click-through rates will also pike in the graph.  We provide support from start till the end for you to get listed as an AMP vendor. An official AMP vendor can create and use AMP tag for third part exchanges or even for header bidding, this makes all the creatives to load faster in a page. 

Steps involved to become an AMP vendor

 Clone AMP-PROJECT using Github detail

 AMP-AD Network adapter development

 Development of ad-server delivery files in the Adserver

 Submit adapter using GitHub detail

 Supporting AMP team for approving the developed adapter

 When all checks passed the adapter will be merged to amp project

 On successive release of AMP Project, Adnetwork will be listed as a vendor on AMP.


What do we offer? 

End to end support 
Protocol guidance
Communication on progress 
Transparent workflow
Error rectification
Vendor addition guaranteed 
Support from AMP adapter development to official AMP vendor.

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