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The ‘IAB side kick ads plugin’ for Revive Adserver is used to expand the displayed ads in a horizontal manner to allow the user to interact with both page content and the ads.

IAB side kick ads

1. On load the in-page display unit delivers with call to action to expand the sidekick ad

2. When the user clicks on the expand button, sidekick ad loads in the right gutter ofpage

3. Sidekick ad pushes page content horizontally to the left

4. User engages with all of the interactive features of the ad. Page content is still visible and fully interactive

5. When user selects to close the ad it collapses and page content is pushed back to the right

There is an inbuilt close button that is enabled in the expanded panel. This allows the user to reset the webpage to its original position. The plugin supports both IAB standard sizes and custom size ad banners.

Mostly used creative file formats delivered by this plugin are

•.gif     •.png   •.jpg    •.swf

This plugin provides a special invocation code to the publisher to serve these types of ad.



  • Customer can view the ad horizontally for better viewing

  • Customer can interact with both the ad and the webpage at the same time.

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