Customize ad tag/invocation code comments for revive adserver    
Product Information

Customize ad tag or invocation code for revive adserver plugin is used to add the ad server name or brand name of your company in invocation code.
The plugin offer two key features to personalize your ad tags and they are.

  • Default tag settings 

  • Specify tag settings

Default tag settings:

The default tag settings are used by admin to include brand name or ad server name in the ad tag. 

The changes made in the settings will affect in all ad tag types available in the ad server.

Specify tag settings:

The specify tag settings is used to edit the comments given in the ad tag name. The following are the ad tag types which the admin can customize are,

  • Javascript Tag

  • iFrame Tag

  • Asynchronus Tag

  • Image Tag

  • Pop Up Tag

  • Interstitial/Floating DHTM

  • Cookieless Image Tag

  • Local mode tag

  • XMLRPC ad tag

  • Single Page Call

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