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Product Information

Bidding system zone plugin for revive ad server allows the advertiser to bid on the available ad zones. The plugin will add a section for zone bidding and in that, it provides the option to filter or view the existing ad zone and the advertiser can bid on any desired zone for the ad banners.

Once the bid has been placed, the plugin will set priority and weight of the banners and deliver the ads based on the bid rate of the advertiser. The plugin gives importance to the banners with higher bid rate and displays those ads twice more than the other ads.

For example, if advertiser A bid for $2 and the advertiser B bid for $1, the advertiser A's ads are displayed twice more than the advertiser B. If the user wants normal bidding system for revive ad server, they can refer the relevant products of it.

Benefits of the plugin

  • It provides a control panel for setting the revenue percentage of the publisher.
  • It helps to bid on the all existing ad zones.

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