Campaign Deactivation Notification    
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The advertiser can able to publish their banner in the website for the certain period and later when expiration takes place the banners will be removed from the site without prior notification.

So the advertiser need to keep track through his account login and this drawback can be rectified with the help of campaign deactivation notification plugin for revive ad server. The plugin will notify the advertiser beforehand through Email and they can make changes accordingly. The notification will be sent before the expiration of campaign or banner. So the advertiser can able to plan for his next banner or renewal of the same banner.

The expiration notification will be sent to the advertiser through emails and with the help of it the advertiser can plan his next move.

Benefits of this plugin:

  • The advertiser can able to find the status of his banners displayed in the publisher’s site.

  • The plugin will send the prior notification to the advertiser before the banner or campaign expiration.

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