Topbar Ads Plugin for Revive Adserver    
Product Information

Topbar ads generally appear in the top sections of websites , to reach every visitor effectively.

Topbar ads offer many options, so take the time to experiment with different banners, colors, and content to get the best results. Use text, images, and color schemes effectively and attract the visitors who visit your website.

Sample Banner Delivery:

In the Top Left corner , 120 x 60 size banner is placed , Message / content Placed after the banner , default Clickhere button and Close availble .

If the user click on Click Here button , it will redirect the visitor to landing page in poup window . If the user Directly click on Close button , it will also redirect user to landing page in poup window.

The Topbar ads is a perfect choice to receive more attention from visitors , it is compatible with all Websites.

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