Notification Ad Plugin for Revive Adserver    
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The ‘Notification ad plugin’ for Revive Adserver displays creative resembles a notification on mobile devices. A mobile app has high probability of getting lost in the sea of applications installed on a device. By regularly sending notifications via push-enabled mobile apps, advertiser can actually encourage the app users to ‘come back’ to the app and use it more often. Notification ads appear as an alert at the top part of the website with a specific message in it. These notifications creative contain a title and a body (HTML).

The plugin delivers notification creative when a user visits a publisher’s site on his mobile phone. When the user interacts with the ad and clicks on it, they will be redirected to the advertiser’s site.

Notification ads plugin for Revive Adserver

There is also a close button, which when pressed closes the ad and user continues on the publisher site.

The plugin renders notification ads differently on different mobile devices and screen resolutions.


  • Does not hinder the user experience on the publisher site

  • Higher rate of ad visibility as the ad is placed at the top

  • Produces a higher Click Through Rate (CTR) which in turn benefits both the advertiser and publisher

  • Engaging Users, User Control, Insight into Customer Behaviour, Ease of Use, Complementary Communication.

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