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The page peel ad format plugin for revive ad server will display the ads behind the publisher’s web page; the customer can view the ads by peeling the web page from the right or left corner of the screen. 

The peeling option can be placed either in left or right corner of the website and when the mouse hovers over the particular area, the page will start peeling to reveal the ads. The user can interact with the ads and they can easily peel the web page.

The plugin supports both custom and IAB standard sizes and the ads will have size format of 100X100 for 400X400 mouse hover. The page will start peeling when a mouse hovers over the peeling area and when a user stops it, the page will return back to its original position.

Benefits of this plugin

  • These ads will attract the wide range of customers and it increase clicks and impressions.
  • The ads will earn more revenue to both advertiser and publisher.

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