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Product Information

The Google graph statistics plugin for revive ad server is used to generate a statistical report for each user present in the ad network. The reports will exhibit the status of each user in the network and it represents the count of impressions, clicks and CTR percentage of those users.

The statistical report can be viewed by all publisher, advertiser and admin of the ad network; the admin can also monitor the status of other users with the help of this plugin.The graphical representations of statistical reports are shown to the advertiser as a split up of an ad campaign and for the publisher the reports are displayed as a split up of ad zones. The bar charts are used to represent the statistical report of the user.

Benefits of this plugin

  • The advertiser can able to know the performance of his ad banners and campaign.
  • The publisher can able to identify the highest traffic zones in the ad network.
  • The graphical representation of statistical data will reach the users easily, and they can able to monitor their functionality.

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