Keyword Targeting with Content Optimization    
Product Information

The keyword targeting with content optimization plugin for revive ad server allows the admin to assign keyword and content for the advertisement and based on the assigned keywords the ads will be delivered to the matching website.

The plugin will compare the keyword or content used in the ad with the keyword placed in the website and by matching it, the ads will be delivered to the customer.

The advertiser can assign multiple keywords for the advertisement for targeting. Along with ad banner keyword, the title, Meta description, anchor tags and header tags of the web page are also compared in it.

Benefits of this plugin

  • It helps to avoid placing irrelevant ads in websites.
  • The plugin will verify whether the ads are placed in relevant websites to target the right audience.
  • The plugin allows the admin to add list targeting keywords and content to the ad banner and from the list of keywords the advertiser can choose the best matching keyword for their ad banners.

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