Interstitial image ads plugin    
Product Information

Creatives that take up the entire screen space of the host device are called interstitial ads, the plugin enables the display of image ads that fill up the host screen interface. Interstitial image plugin for the web, mobile and mobile application provides smooth, natural transition from the main viewing content to the creative.

The plugin can deliver engaging pictorial creatives during mobile web session, web sessions and even in between the use of mobile applications. This feature amplifies the chances of getting more clicks when the user clicks on the image it will lead the user to the destination page for the creative. Also, the plugin offers a close button on the right corner if the user wishes to end the creative immediately.

Interstitial image ad plugin  

Interstitial image for the web, mobile and mobile applications plugin offers an opportunity for both the publisher and advertiser to enhance their revenue.

Supported formats

  • Png

  • Gif

  • Jpg

The plugin is engineered to support every pictorial format in the market and is designed with future formats that might become popular. Also, the size of the file must be 150kb or below, so that the creative can load faster without any hindrances.

Module Highlights

Creatives will be displayed until appropriate action is taken by the user

Supports all the pictorial ad formats

Tracking pixels for an image is supported

Ad close button on the right corner

Destination URL after clicking image will also be tracked.

Plugin benefits

 Responsive ad delivery on different devices

 Ads are designed to match the user device screen and functionality

 Increased click-through ratio

 Conversions, impression and clicks of the delivered ad can be tracked.


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