Filter Duplicate Conversion    
Product Information

The duplicate conversion plugin for revive ad server is used to prevent the duplicate or fraudulent conversions that take place in the ad network. This plugin will filter the repeated conversions that arise in the same IP address. The plugin will not store the repeated conversions in the log list instead it removes it effectively.

The admin can set the time duration for receiving the conversion from single IP if the time limit has been exceeded then the repeated or duplicated conversions will be filtered by this plugin.The filtration is done by using advertisement id and IP address; the admin can filter the repeated conversions by specifying those ids.

Features of this plugin

  • The admin can enable or disable the filtering option provided by this plugin.
  • The filtration is done before the duplicated conversions get stored in the log data, so unwanted storage can be avoided with the help of this plugin.
  • The admin can set his desired time to filter the repeated conversions.
  • As the repeated conversions are filtered the revenue will get generated only for the valid conversions, so the advertiser can avoid unnecessary payment.

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