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Site Skin Ads Plugin for Revive Adserver cover the background of the website and display a rich media advertisement in it. The ad also covers the left and right side of the website and shows a skinned ad in it, this ad unit usually has html5 or flash banner in it.

IAB SiteSkin - Background Ads:


IAB Site Skin - Left and Right Ads:

 IAB Site Skin - Left and Right

The ads are attractive and offer good clicks and impression rate for the advertiser. These ads are responsive and less annoying than other ad formats. Site skin ads will not affect the website content or the design in any manner and it increases the presence of website audience.

Features of this revive adserver plugin

  • The site skin ads follow IAB standards and it includes file types like gif, png, jpg and SWF.

  • The invocation code will be provided to publish site skin ads.

  • The plugin benefits both the publisher and the advertiser.

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