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Product Information

 The anchor advertising plugin for revive ad server is used to display the innovative ads in publisher’s website.

The anchor ads published by this plugin will stay static at the bottom of the web browser and it constantly displays the ad when the customer scrolls the web page. The plugin will display an initial temporary banner when the customer loads the website for the first time and the banner will be placed in the bottom right of the web page. After few seconds, the initial ad banner will slide back by leaving the anchor ad in the bottom end of the browser.

When user mouse over the web page, the initially loaded banner will appear on the site and by clicking it, the banner will get expanded or it will land the user in the targeted website. The expanded panel will have an active close button, which will close the panel when the user clicks on it. The plugin can deliver the ad formats like png, jpg, swf and gif and it will also support all IAB standard sizes.

Benefits of this plugin

  • The anchor ads will reach the customers easily and provide great benefits to both the advertiser and publisher.  

  • The anchor ads can be integrated with the social networking site to share or like the displayed ads.       

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