IAB Portrait Pushdown Gallery Ad    
Product Information

The IAB portrait pushdown gallery ad plugin for Revive Adserver displays multiple ads in the ad gallery. Initially the Ad Unit displays the base image of the ad in the site. When the user click the open button the ad pop up will appear and Ad Unit gallery will be displayed.

IAB portrait pushdown gallery ad for Revive Adserver

The gallery can accommodate a maximum of five ad units in it. When viewer click on the ads it will be redirect to configured destination URL i.e. advertiser’s preferred landing page. The ads updated automatically in the gallery. Advertiser can include their company logo, caption and description in the ad units.

Close option is available for the ad. Users can click on the close button to close the gallery. When the gallery is closed, initial ad would be displayed normally in the web page.


  • Plugin requires minimum space to display the ads

  • This ad format cannot mimic any site experience, pages and designs.

  • These types of ads have a better visual appeal with the viewers.

  • Considerable increase in the Click through ratio (CTR)

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