IAB Mobile Filmstrip Banner    
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The ‘IAB mobile filmstrip banner plugin’ for Revive Adserver displays the ad in multi-panel view with interactive canvas and enriched content for storytelling. The plugin provides a filmstrip that loads initial ad banner of the product and when user clicks on it, multiple images of the same advertiser will get listed and by scrolling the screen the user can view all the available banners.

IAB mobile filmstrip banner ad

The close button is placed in the right corner of the ad; the user can close the window by clicking on it. When the user expands the ad to full screen, the user can switch the images using gesture controls.
The navigation controls are included on the top and bottom of the ad control panel; by using these controls, the user can swipe the ads from top to bottom and bottom to top either in horizontal or vertical position.



  • The advertiser can include the banners of all his products in a single ad unit

  • The plugin supports CPM, CPC, and CPA pricing models

  • The plugin conforms to the IAB guidelines and ad formats

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