URL Encode Module    
Product Information

The URL encode module plugin for revive ad server will encode the search URL parameters of openx or revive ad server and transmit it to the internet.

The encoded URL cannot be cracked by other users and it cannot be decoded by any third-party tools. The publisher website source code will have important parameters like banner id, zone id and etc. these parameters kept visible for all end users and publisher so they can try to improve the clicks and impressions by using those parameters. But by installing this plugin the important parameters will be encoded in the source code.

The advertiser can avoid unnecessary payment for fraudulent clicks and impressions and the publisher can also secure his website from hackers.

    Benefits of this plugin

  • The plugin will hide important parameters like banner id, zone id campaign id and etc. from publisher’s site.

  • The plugin improves integrity and secures the site from malignant attacks.

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