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The native ads plugin for revive ad server provides natural ads on the form of social networking posts, news feeds, search engine listing or like an editorial story. The native ads will reach the audience easily without annoying them.

There are four different forms of native ads provided by the plugin they are.

In stream ads

  • The in-stream ads will be published in between the social networking feeds.
  • The in-stream ads are similar to online feeds and it is used to attract targeted audience.

Activity triggered ads

  • These ads are displayed in websites and in mobile apps; most of the mobile ad format follows the same category.
  • The activity triggered ads will be displayed at the end of an action performed by the audience.
  • The ads will be displayed at once the customer visits several links in the web page or when he completes a level in the game.

Branded content

  • The branded content is displayed in between the editorial content of the website.
  • The advertiser has to pay for these particular ads for making it similar to the website feeds.
  • The customer cannot find the difference between the ad content and the website content.

Mobile only ads

  • The mobile-only ads are similar to click to call paid search results.
  • The plugin provides a separate SDK file which allows the advertiser to create and integrate it in their ad inventory and they can trade it using an ad exchange or ad server.
  • The SDK packages for mobile will support all mobile operating systems and mobile apps.

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