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The Native ads plugin for Revive Adserver delivers native form of ads within the Webpage content. Native advertising is go to form of paid media for various brands where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed.

At this point of time the native ads plugin supports and delivers three types of ad units that can be deployed in preferred Native Adserver to achieve native objectives.

In-Feed Units

Recommendation Widgets

Content Stream


In Feed Units

In feed native ads for Revive adserver

Story ads/video ads that look like they are part of the news feed. In-feed units promote sponsored content within a publication’s natural index of articles. In addition to seeing original content as part of a stream, readers see sponsored content from advertisers. The content is marked as sponsored, but it blends into the publisher sites.

Ads should be delivered with image/video with in newsfeed.

Recommended widgets

Recommendation widgets are a form of native advertising where an ad or paid content link is delivered via a "widget”. It allows users to promote articles, videos, sponsored links that provides entertainment or informational value.

Image widget

Image widget will be able to add single image with image size, the destination URL and content.

Text Widget

Text widget will be added creative name, destination URL and content.

Article widget

Article object able to add more than one images/videos (inline) along with their widget sizes (2x2, 1x2, 2x3, 2x4)

Example of Recommended Widgets

Recommended widget size (1x4)

Recomended Widgets native ad sample for revive Adserver

Recommended widget size(2x3)

Recommended widget ad sample for revive adserver

Content Stream

Content stream ads, usually Image / Text (Content Description) / Video based can be inserted into these streaming feeds with sponsored content.

Content Image: Fully compliant with IAB standard guidelines

Content image native ad sample for revive Adserver

Content Video: It is fully compliant with VAST 2. 0 / VAST 3.0 / Vast Wrapper 2.0 / VAST Wrapper 3.0

Content video native ad sample for revive Adserver

Regular Price: $1,200.00

Special Price $1,100.00

Regular Price: $1,200.00

Special Price $1,100.00

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