Conversion Notification for Advertisers    
Product Information

The conversion notification for advertiser plugin for revive ad server will notify the advertiser when any successful conversion takes place.


The plugin will send an immediate email to the advertiser when a customer completes the conversion. The notification will be sent for each and every conversion that occurs in the advertiser’s zone. The plugin provides a separate mailbox in zone section panel of the advertiser; the mailbox will receive the emails from the plugin when a successful conversion occurs.

The plugin will notify the advertiser only when a complete conversion exists, so the advertiser can avoid fake or repeated conversions.

Benefits of this plugin:

  • The plugin sends the email at once a complete conversion occurs in the ad network.
  • The advertiser can avoid unnecessary payment for fraudulent conversions and can pay only when a successful conversion takes place.
  • The plugin is very beneficial to the advertiser.

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