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Product Information

Interstitial Image Swipe ads for revive adserver, offers engaging user experience without compromising on the quality of the creative delivered. Sliding and swiping, the famous gestures for all the mobile device users in the present technological era. The plugin is designed to deliver interactive sliders and image carousels on multiple devices in the most user engaging way possible.


  interstitial ads


Interstitial ads are full screen irrespective of the device screen size, these types of ads can grab the audience full attention and swipe option efficiently engages users. These type of creatives are hard to miss and will definitely improve the engagement rate of every creative.

Plugin Highlights

  • The entire screen is covered by interstitial creatives; irrespective of the screen size engaging creatives take screen space.

  • Sliding function enabled for all the images. Multiple creatives on the screen with an enabled sliding feature.

  • Best ad format plugin for applications and browser windows on mobile devices.

  • The download option is provided with every image that is displayed.

  • A close creative option is placed on the bottom right corner, to skip the creative easily.

  • Users navigate through the screens using gestures like swiping to do things like sliding the images at right or left side.

  • These ads are more effective in engaging users because they utilize the entire mobile screen and are generally more interactive than other ad placements.

  • Interstitial Image Swipe ad can be delivered in Mobile browsers and Mobile App.

Plugin Benefits

  Image carousels allow advertisers to showcase more images to them.

  Amplifies impression rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and revenue.

  Improves audience engagement with the ads.

  Benefits of both publisher and advertisers in terms of revenue earned.

  Efficient mode of getting across creatives without hindrance.

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