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All banners innovation code plugin for revive adserver is used to display all the active and existing banners in the publisher website. The plugin will remove the expired or empty ad banners and display only the current ads of the advertisers.

All banners are combined in a single ad tag and displayed in a listed manner. The advertiser can find the competitor ads and improve in their further advertisements. The plugin provides the invocation code for the combined advertisement and it lists all the linked banners of the website.

The plugin will provide the invocation code for displaying the combined advertisement in the website. If the user wants to align the advertised banners, they can choose all banners invocation code with custom CSS) or all banners invocation code (only for active banners) with custom CSS.

Benefits of the plugin

  • The plugin will combine all existing and active banners in the website.
  • The plugin provides single invocation code for all the linked advertisements.

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