Mobile Carrier Limitation    
Product Information

Mobile Carrier Limitation plugin for revive ad server is used for targeting the mobile users of particular mobile carrier or mobile operating network. For example, if the user has to target the mobile audience of Verizon, the plugin will deliver the advertisements to the customers of particular mobile carrier.

The plugin utilize the ISP code or internet service protocol to deliver the advertisement to the network users. The plugin users can choose the required mobile operating system for publishing their advertisements.

The available options are android, iOS, Linux mobile OS and windows OS. The users can publish the advertisements according to the network operator and reach the targeted audience.

Features of the plugin

  • To enable mobile carrier targeting, the user should have access to a particular mobile network operator.
  • To target the mobile audience, the plugin will generate a CSV file which includes the ISP details of the particular carrier.
  • The user can export or download the mobile carrier details.

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