Admin Set Toggling Banners    
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“It’s time to earn more profit by displaying two banners without page load” 

The Zone can load only as single banner and the other banner can be loaded only on the next refresh or the Page reload. The toggling banner Module allows the publisher to display two banners in the same zone in a single Page load with the interval set by the Admin.

The plugin for revive ad server Provides a New Invocation tag for the publisher. The admin has option to set the time interval for the banner change in the Administrator Dashboard configuration section.

The code generated by the plugin does the toggling action in the publisher’s page and it changes the banner automatically at Admin set interval.


  • The Module provides a special type invocation code for the Publisher.

  • The banners will change as per the time interval provided by the admin.  

  • The time interval can be given in seconds.

  • Displaying two banners in the single page load will increase the revenue of publisher.

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