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If advertisement published on the web page contains city name of the particular audience it will easily attract them towards the ad deals and make them to click on the particular advertisement. This method of publishing the ads is possible with the help of show the city plugin for revive ad server. This plugin is used to display the particular city name where the customer or audience is from.

For example, if the customer belongs to the city New York then it will display the particular city name below the displayed advertisement. When the customer finds his city name he will automatically get attracted towards the ad and click on that particular ad. The plugin works wonder in all banner types and it automatically displays the city name where the visitor belongs to.     

Advantages of this plugin

  • The city name will be displayed with a greetings message to attract an audience.

  • Displaying city name along with banners will gain the attention of the audience.

  • The impression and clicks of the banners will get increased with the help of this plugin.

  • The plugin is highly beneficial to the advertiser, administrator, and publisher.

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