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VMAP Video ads plugin for Revive Adserver acts as an addon for the VAST video ads plugin ; putting together a structure of the video ads transmitted from the ad server to the video player.  With the Video Multiple Ad Playlist (VMAP) a publisher can set up breaks within a single ad-tag. Ad break parameters include the time interval of each break, the type of ads and the number of ads allowed in each break.

VMAP video ads plugin for revive ad server

 Plugin Ad format support:

Linear Ads/Inline Ads

Supports video and image ads that play for a short duration and provides a respective timeline for the ad. The three common types of ads

• Pre roll                     • Mid roll                    • Post roll

VMAP video ads plugin for revive ad server

Non Linear Ads/Overlay Ads

Supports text and image in the form of banner ads which last from 10 to 20 seconds over the video content

Wrapper Ad

Wrapper ads serve third party video ads across all VAST versions. The secondary response may be either another Wrapper or a VAST Inline responsive

Companion ads

Companion ads support standard image banner and rich media ads.These ads simultaneously display pre-roll ad and ad banner in the video player. The banner ads when clicked upon, redirects the users’ to the advertiser site.

VMAP additional ad features

Video Ad Pods

Ad pods are multiple video ads that play back to back in a single ad placement; more like television commercials. It is places as pre-roll, Mid-roll or post-roll ads in VMAP return the ad pods ads in random.

Supported Video player: All players compliant with the VAST and VMAP i.e. JW player, Video JS, Flow player and more.

Video delivery methods

•Streaming (RTMP)                • Progressive (HTTP)              •Third party VAST tags

 VMAP Input parameters

Ad breaks elements:

Time: In format of hh:mm:ss (or) hh:mm:ss.mmm where .mmm refers to milliseconds and is optional. The time value is offset from the start of the video content to the placement of the ad break in the video content timeline.

Percentage: If  the  duration  of  video  content  is not defined,  a  percentage  (in  the  format n% where “n” is a value from 0-100) can be fed. Where the ‘n%’ represents the percentage of total video content duration from the start to the point where the ad break should be entered.

Repeatafter:  Distribute ad breaks equally spaced apart from one another along a linear timeline.

Adtag URL

-          Internal vast  tags: Associate with any existing ZoneID of same Revive instead of an external vast tag URL

-          External vast tags: Get the Third party Vast tags

AllowMultipleAds: An optional Boolean value that indicates whether a VAST ad pod or multiple buffet of ads can be served into an ad break. The video player may choose to ignore non-VAST ad pods.


Tracking & Reporting

VMAP Tracking events:     •breakstart                      •breakend                   • error

VMAP Reporting events:   •breakstart                      •breakend                   • error



  • Adheres to VMAP guidelines speculated by the IAB

  • Provides smooth installation and integration with the Revive Adserver

  • Deliver different types of ads with different time offset using the same VMAP ad tag.

  • VMAP tag can be associated with any Zone ID from the same server instead of giving VAST/VAST wrapper tags.

  • VMAP provides an option to add/remove the adbreaks

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