Anti ad blocker add-on for VAST video ads plugin in Revive Adserver    
Product Information

Don’t let ad-blockers bother your ad serving revenue any more

The Anti ad blocker for VAST video ads plugin for Revive Adserver is an add-on module for the VAST video ads plugin. This add-on plugin supports your video ads to load and to be viewed safely in the publisher video player, regardless if the visitor’s browser has Ad blocker installed or not.

It disables ad blocker software right away from operating in the browser and supports ads to load and to be viewed safely without interference by ad blockers. It can bypass ad block completely from interfering with online ads and stops ad blockers from hurting your online business revenue.

This module is capable of handling all the Anti-ad blocker browser extensions that prevents the display of ads.


Supported Ad formats

•  Inline VAST 1.0                             •  Overlay VAST 1.0

•  Inline VAST 2.0                             •  Overlay VAST 2.0

•  Inline VAST 3.0                             •  Overlay VAST 3.0

•  VAST Ad Pod


Plugin limitations

Supports only for Internal Inline and Overlay Banners

No Third party VAST Wrapper Banners support.


Plugin benefits

Adheres to the VAST 2.0 and VAST 3.0 guidelines specified by the IAB

Acts as an add-on for the VAST video ads plugin

Easy to install and integrate with the latest version of Revive Adserver

Help users recover lost revenue caused by ad blockers

Also try out our latest offering to counteract Adblocks

The Anti ad blocker plugin for Revive Adserver

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