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Axonix integration plugin for revive ad server is a mobile advertising platform for publishers and advertisers. The Axonix sends ad requests to the server and the request has ad criteria like targeting options, bid amount, ad categories ad specifications and other requirements. When the request is received by the server, the plugin sends relevant ad response to axonix. All the received responses of axonix will be handled with RTB bidding process.

The bidding process of axonix will select the response with highest bid rate and publishes the advertisement in mobile websites and applications. If the advertisement is published on the internet, the server receives bid win notice or the bid loss status. To undergo the bidding process in axonix integration plugin the revive adserver should possess a DSP plugin.

Features of axonix plugin

Statistical report

  • The impressions and clicks of advertisements are stored in the reports.
  • The number of ad requests, bid win amount, bid amount and status of ad responses are stored in the separate report.
  • The reports are individually maintained for revive adserver and for the plugin.

Targeting options

The axonix integration plugin provides targeting options for the following.

  • Geo targeting
  • OS targeting
  • Age targeting
  • Gender targeting
  • Mobile device targeting  and
  • Domain targeting

Log file

  • If the bid loss occurs, the reason for the failure can be tracked in the log file.
  • The appropriate reason for failure along with the respective bid request, ad details and date of failure are present in it.
  • The user can view the file at any time and find the status of bid responses.
  • Some of the main reasons for failure are targeting limitations, insufficient floor price or bid rate, block category, block advertiser and block banner type.

Database maintenance

  • Axonix sends a bulk of ad requests at a time to revive ad server and in order to maintain all the requests the axonix integration plugin provides a better database maintenance service.
  • This feature prevents data overflow by transferring the data from one database to another.
  • It offers Error- free maintenance and helps the plugin to send ad responses without any delay.


  • The plugin follows open RTB 2.2 standard.
  • The plugin advertises the ads of internal mobile advertisers to global mobile websites and applications.
  • It helps the advertiser to earn more revenue out of their advertisement.

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