Schedule Ads Based on Time    
Product Information

The schedule ads based on time plugin for revive ad server is used to deliver the ads on specific time and date mentioned by the advertiser. The plugin allows the advertiser to select the desired date and time for the specific ad, and the campaign will start delivering the ads on that particular date and time.

The plugin can activate and deactivate the campaigns in the hourly basis and with the help of it the advertiser can deliver the offer or deal based ads on a specific time to notify the customers. The ads will be delivered on the start date and will get expired on the mentioned end date.

For example: if the advertiser starts the ad campaign on 21st July 2016 12.A.M and ends it on 21st July 2016 12.P.M, the campaign will start at 21 July 12.A.M and expires at 21st July 12.PM.

Benefits of this plugin

  • The advertiser can deliver the ads on desired date and time.
  • The advertiser can announce their deals and offers on right time and can earn more revenue.

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