Re-targeting plugin for E-commerce/ Shopping cart products    
Product Information

The ‘Re-targeting plugin for E-commerce/ Shopping cart products’  allows you to serve ads only to users who have previously engaged with your brand online. You can serve ads to anyone who has been to your website and left or people who have spent time browsing on specific product pages.

Retargeting for ecommerce and shopping cart products plugin

Plugin specs

Retargeting can be Enabled/disabled for Campaign.

Retargeting campaign had following features.

  • Retargeting Storage Type

- Shopping Based

- View Based

  • Based on target type revive ad server collect cookie from visitor browser.

  • Three types of retargeting

  1. 1.      Product

- Retargeting based on product

  1. 2.      Product and Category

- Retargeting based on product and category

  1. 3.      Category

- Retargeting based on category

  • Frequency capping enabled for product

  • Dynamic Banner created for Retargeting campaign with default template automatically and User can create Dynamic banner with their own template json key as macro to replace value from product json response

  • Visitor access the detailed view of products in ecommerce site ,product gather service receive request, they will write visitor interested product details like id,product category in visitor cookie. Ecommerce site owner provides Product gather service. Product gather service used to collect interested product browsed by user in their ecommerce website.

  • Visitor requests advertising via zone.

  • Once revive ad server receive ad request from zone, its verify user browser for product cookie details. If product cookie detail available in user browser, revive ad server collect the user interested product information from visitor cookie and it should satisfy the targeted limitation.

  • Product request send to product gather service using advertiser id and product id.Product gather service provide product information in json.Revive ad server update the dynamic banner json key as macro to replace dynamic product information and return the banner. Banner get deliver for retargeted campaign  as per default algorithm once banner get clicked that campaign banner get retargeted still reach the successful conversion. Once conversion achieved it will deliver like default algorithm.

  • Successful conversion achieved that product or category added to block list automatically for week time encourage other campaign banner delivery.

  • Retargeting Reports available in admin level.

  • Perquisites from Ecommerce site:

- Provide 3 API for Category Check API/Product check API/Product gather API

- User seen details about the product gather service set cookie names as mentioned such as REV_SB_[ClientID] , REV_CB_[ClientID]  cookie in visitor browser.

- COOKIEVALUE: REV_[SB/VB]_[ClientID]=[CategoryID]/[ProductID]/[Product_view_UnixTime]/[Product_View_Count]/[Banner_View_UnixTime]/[Banner_View_Count]       

Plugin Benefits

  • Ad impression possess more value as you retarget your customers

  • Better chance of coversion as the viewer is reminded of a product he/she was interested in.

  • Adheres to the IAB standard guidelines

  • The plugin is very much easy to install and integrate with the latest version of Revive Adserver.


Regular Price: $2,500.00

Special Price $2,000.00

Regular Price: $2,500.00

Special Price $2,000.00

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