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SDK Mediation for Revive Adserver is a platform that enables users to integrate the mediation adaptors for Android or iOS applications. Revive admin should have publisher account in mediated networks. For instance, Facebook is mediated network; Revive admin should have publisher account in Facebook and also set up additional request parameters in Revive Adserver for those networks

In a less complex way, SDK mediation provides a feature that lets you serve ads to your apps from multiple sources such as Revive internal ads and third party network ads via adapter. Mediation helps maximize the fill rate and increase your monetization by sending ad requests to multiple networks to ensure you find the best available network to serve ads.

Ad format support

Here are some of the common ad formats that can be relayed through mediation
- Banner ads
- Interstitial ads
- Rewarded video ads
- Native Ads
Apart from these if incase an internal ad is invoked then the ad format delivered are Banner ads and Interstitial ads.


Target device : Smartphone and Tablets
Operating system : Android and iOS
Delivery platform : Mobile apps


Admin configure and setup parameters for all adapters is by default configured. Publisher can select the adapters Publisher/Mobile app owners to integrate the Android and iOS SDK with their mobile application.

In signup there is an option to select as Mobile App/Website user. Only users created as Mobile app would be able to access Mobile app features. They can create zone/ad units and associate mediation networks with zone and targeting metrics. They can download the SDK for Android or iOS Apps.

Targeting functionality

With the SDK mediation for Revive Adserver, users can make use of the targeting functionalities to get the most impressions, clicks, and conversion out of their campaigns.

Country targeting

Target audience based on the geographical parameter of a country. This would put a stop to the campaign impression leakage in other irrelevant regions.

Keyword targeting

This has been proven to be an effective and a result oriented type of targeting as only potential customers can be accurately targeted from keywords of their usage in various platforms.

Other notable functionalities

Frequency capping

Admin can select the ad delivery priority as internal ad first priority or mediation ads. Based on admin settings ad delivery will work. By default internal ads had high priority than mediation ads.

Supporting Ad network adaptors

AdMob | Applovin | Facebook | Inmobi | Ironsource | Mopub | Nend | One_by_aol | Mytarget | Adcolony | Unity Ads | Vungle

Mediation statistics

Here are a list of stats that can be obtained from the mediation. The results of which can be analyzed and strategized in future campaigns
• Date picker
• Mediation network Name
• No of Ad Request
• No of Ad Response
• Total Impressions
• Total Clicks

Billing system

• Internal advertiser payment system is postpaid. Every month bill would be generated for advertiser and they should make payment to admin using PayPal payment gateway or wire transfer.
• Admin would make pay the publishers based on publisher share percentage for internal ads and add manual fund for mediation ads to publishers using PayPal payment gateway or wire transfer.

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