Google Statistics Maps - Basic    
Product Information

The Google statistics maps- basic plugin for revive ad server is used to identify the location of the audience who have clicked or viewed the banners of the advertiser. The module is integrated with Google maps which show the exact location of selected customer.

The pointer in the map will exactly point out the right location of the end user and allows the advertiser to monitor the count of impression and clicks made on that particular location.

The plugin helps the advertiser to monitor the number of clicks, impressions and CTR rate of a particular location. With the help of it the advertiser can able to find the best marketplace in the world and can target the particular location.

Benefits of this plugin

  • The plugin helps the advertiser to identify the location which has the highest impression and click rate.
  • By identifying the best marketplace, the advertiser can target the particular location and can improve his sales.
  • The plugin will help the advertiser to earn good revenue.

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