Post back / Server-To-Server URL Tracking    
Product Information

Post back/ server to server URL tracking plugin for revive ad server is used to track the conversions occurred on the server. The plugin will redirect the website visitor to the advertiser website when the user clicks on the advertisement.

The redirected website will download the software or it displays the destination URL and generates conversion for the advertiser. Once the conversion takes place, the plugin generates a token id in the advertiser website and when it is generated, the advertiser can send the notification to the ad server by sending the token id through post back URL method. The token id is stored in the ad server database to track the advertiser conversions.

Benefits of the plugin

  • The plugin generates a unique token id for each conversion.
  • It can avoid fraudulent clicks and unwanted payments of the advertiser.
  • The user can also use a universal tracker code of advertiser in order to prevent the generation of unique code for each conversion.
  • The universal code can act according to the campaign tracker.

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