Hide Adserver URL from End Users    
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In General "Hide Adserver URL from End Users" is availed for either to avoid fraud or to involve in fraud. In Revive Adserver, "Hide Adserver URL from End Users" is implemented to avoid click fraud/impression fraud in simple way.

When Ads are served to an end user in a webpage the risk of experiencing fraud are higher. Especially if a click generating software are deployed in fraudulent activities. 

The “Hide Adserver URL from End Users” masks the path of the actual URL and makes visible “http://” to the end user. The webpage where the masking needs to be reflected should be given in Destination Url.

“Advertisers can now eliminate your Click and Impression Frauds in an elegant way”

Advantages of installing this Revive Adserver plugin:

  • Controls Fraud Conversions.

  • Advertiser ROI is exploited efficiently.

  • Navigation does not get disturbed.

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