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Product Information

Mobile ads plugin for revive ad server helps display high quality advertisements on any mobile device. The plugin can be integrated  very easily and it allows the users to identify the interactive offerings through rapid application deployment.

 Mobile ads plugin


  • The admin panel will have a list of user-friendly options to configure the ad display.

  • The admin can manage the multiple banner sizes under different groups.

  • Advertisers can deliver banner ads with the group of sizes

  • The Ads are delivered to Right Audience based on the Devce parameters.

Plugin requirements

-  An OpenX/Revive Ad server installation is required.

- Requires Tera-WURFL ( Wireless Universal Resource File) for Device detection purposes.

Targeting functionality

The only way for an advertiser to achieve the most out of their campaign is to make sure that the right people get the right ads. With that in mind the plugin considers the device attributes such as the device manufacturer, type of Operating system (OS), OS version and even hardware components such as screen resolution for targeting the ads.

  • Handset Manufacturer targeting

  • Handset Model Name targeting

  • Handset Operating System targeting

  • Telecom Operator targeting

  • Handset device Screen Size targeting

  • Client- Custom Profile targeting

  • Client- Country targeting

Supported mobile browsers

Below is a list of popular mobile browsers that support viewing mobile ads

Plugin benefits:

- Easy to install and integrate with the platform

- Follows the revive adserver plugin standards.

- Supports banner ads on handset device irrespective of screen size and functionality

- Redirection to the advertiser’s website from the ad is possible.

- Advertisers can track impressions, clicks and conversions.

- Targeting based on the specific parameter improves campaign efficiency and conversion rate.

- Real-time statistics of the mobile ad’s performance, clicks, revenue and conversion rate can be obtained  and the Reports can be Exported.

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