Advanced mobile ads plugin with SDK    
Product Information

Advanced mobile ads plugin for Revive Ad server and OpenX aids marketers and publisher display ads on mobile devices on both the mobile web and mobile applications. App developers benefit immensely from this plugin for engaging the ad inventory in the mobile apps. This plugin currently supports and serves for Android and IOS mobile operating systems.

Advanced mobile ads plugin with SDK

Plugin requirements

-  An OpenX/Revive Ad server installation is required.

- Requires Tera-WURFL (Wireless Universal Resource File) for Device detection purposes.

Supported Ad formats

These are the ad formats that can be delivered both on mobile web and inside mobile apps.

  • Image creative

  • Text creative

  • Expand creative

  • Interstitial creative

Supported mobile phone metrics

Advanced mobile ads plugin with SDK

Targeting functionality

Delivering ad to common audience results in wastage of ad impressions for the advertiser. To obtain a optimal CTR Click through rate, advertiser use device parameter to target their ads to intended audience and make sure these ads are only delivered to potential audience who might get converted to customers.

Here are a few targeting parameters used for mobile devices

  • Handset Manufacturer targeting

  • Handset Model Name targeting

  • Handset Operating System targeting

  • Telecom Operator targeting

  • Handset device Screen Size targeting

  • Client- Custom Profile targeting

  • Client- Country targeting

Targeting is done based on the following criteria

-          Android : Google Advertising ID (GAID) and Profile targeting

-          iOS : Identifier For Advertising (IDFA) and Profile targeting

Mobile Tracking Information

The mobile device tracked retaining the attribute info about the device. Here are some attributes tracked common for both mobile web and SDK.

Advanced mobile ads plugin with SDK

  • Android : Eclipse and Android studio libraries; the file extensions is .aar for android studio and library file for Eclipse

  • iOS : Xcode library with .a file extension.

Advanced mobile ads plugin with SDK


  • Easy to install and integrate with the Revive/OpenX platform

  • Supports banner ads on handset device irrespective of screen size and functionality

  • Redirection to the advertiser’s website from the ad is possible.

  • Advertisers can track impressions, clicks and conversions.

  • Targeting based on the specific parameter improves campaign efficiency and conversion rate.

  • Real-time statistics of the mobile ad’s performance, clicks, revenue and conversion rate can be obtained and the reports can be exported.

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