Installation of Openx to your server    
Product Information

The installation of openX/Revive to your server plugin for revive ad server provides installation and customization services to the user. The installation is done with current or early versions of openx or revive ad server, the version will be decided by the end user and based on it the installation will be made.

Some ad server users will face server issues while installing the openx or revive ad server in their system, but these issues can be avoided by utilizing this service. The installation will be done by adding several customizing features in the ad server, so the users can maximize the ad server usage with the help of this service.

 To get this service, the user has to provide their FTP and database details before the installation. The installation service will reach the user within one business day and reduces the workload of the ad server users.

Benefits of this plugin

  • This service will save the time of user by preventing server issues.
  • With few obtained details, the installation service is provided to the user. 

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