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Create interesting banner ads with secret messages with Split Reveal ads plugin for revive adserver. Engaging banner ads that can deliver the right messages to the audience with a simple action over the image. An ideal plugin for revive adserver enables the display of engaging creatives that can make a huge difference in click-through rate banner ads.   


 split ads

The split reveal ads plugin for revive adserver enables advertisers to create interesting banner images with embedded messages within the images. A simple hover action by the user will split the image into two parts horizontally and reveal the embedded message from the image. In most of the cases, a single picture says it all.

The plugin is a perfect fit for standard banners, they make standard banners more interesting and engaging with embedded messages. These images intrigue users to engage with the ad more, resulting in better CTR and conversion. With every image, there is a possibility for changing messages that will be revealed with a simple mouse hover action. Whenever the user clicks on the creative, they will be directed to the destination page without causing any disturbance. The size of the image could be Customizable but the width of the ad will be the same or proportional size to the height and width dimensions.

Plugin Benefits

  Increases user interaction and CTR by revealing an embedded message.

  Adheres guidelines for delivering creatives.

  Amplify revenue graph by increasing clicks and conversions.

  Maximum audience attention guaranteed. 


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