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Product listing ad plugin for Revive adserver is designed to deliver a number of products as creatives in a listed format. Each creative displayed under this category will have more provide more information to the user about the product when compared with text-based creatives. The plugin is developed to increase clicks and amplify traffic and conversion to the destination site.


The relevant information about the ads will be obtained from the product data feed that is referred to as shopping ads. To display creatives in this category it is mandatory for the plugin to have images of the items that are on sale along with real-time price information. This ensures customers to click the ads and navigate to the respective destination page and with proper information, the conversion rate with this plugin can skyrocket. Image Format supported by the plugin is JPEG, PNG, GIF and the supported format will expand upon the future technological enhancements. Perfectly compactable with mobile, tablets and desktops in delivering engaging creatives in all aspects to attract the customer.

For desktop creatives of this format, the products are displayed in 728x120 px with the price mentioned below the product image. In the case of mobile ads as show as 320x100 px with a maximum of three product on the listing. This ensures faster loading of ads in mobiles and therefore increases the impression rate for every creative. The plugin from the user perspective is the best to have because Product Listing Ads feature an image as well as an up-to-date price. They sometimes also feature reviews for the product which increases the user engagement experiences.

An advertiser can upload the products with the Item name, Item cost, and Destination URLs for each product. The advertiser can add up to 5 products. The amount will rotate with the CTA (Call To Action) and  CTA is provided at the top of the creative setting. Admin of the plugin can include CTA like Learn More, Buy Now, Get Now, Shop Now keywords for better click-through ratio.

Plugin Benefits

  Higher click-through rates - you can get more traffic to your website with Product Listing Ads, as your campaign will get more clicks.

  Higher conversion rate - your conversion rate will improve, as people clicking through will have already seen an image of the product and the price. So, they know exactly what they are clicking on.

  Wider reach - you can reach a wider audience when you add Product Listing Ad campaigns to your online marketing strategy.

  Enhanced visibility - because of the prominent display of Product Listing Ads and you can have multiple products appear on a single search or platform.

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