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Product Information

The interstitial pushdown ad plugin for revive adserver displays engaging ads at the header section of the site. Utilize the ad space to the maximum extent without distracting or disturbing the user. A vital plugin to deliver interstitial ads that don’t take up the entire screen space and at the same time causes a major impact when delivered to the right user. The plugin enables the delivery of ads in a descriptive manner by including a text box for advertiser slogan and product description; also there are options to include product image and logo.  

interstitial pushdown

Plugin highlights

The plugin allows the display of ads with 970x250 dimensions and is perfectly compatible with mobiles, tablets and desktops browsers. In the case of    mobiles and tablets, the display size depends upon the screen size, meaning they are page screen responsive. 

Ads are displayed on the header section of the site pushing down the site content. Thereby the user experience will not be disturbed during the browsing  sessions.

Delivery of ads by the plugin will not cover the content in the site and as the ads are displayed on the header section it will be the first things visible to the  user. This ad is widely accepted and grabs much attention when compared with conventional overlay ads.

The plugin offers a close button at the left top corner for users to close the pushdown ads. Supported image formats include JPEG, PNG, GIF.

Destination URL is provided which leads to landing the destination advertiser page.


Plugin Benefits

Achieve high attention levels.

Adheres IAB guidelines

Enhanced audience attention to the ads

Ad format does not cover up site content and therefore making it easily acceptable for users.

The ideal plugin for sponsors looking to make a big impact on the website.

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